10 Best Healthy Foods We Are Not Eating

When we shop at the industry or go to some restaurant our first idea is to become food we want to eat and know. There are lots of foods out there that don’t often make it into the shopping cart.

We always think that we do not want that or do not have time to fix that, but the truth is that it doesn’t take time to prepare a well balanced and healthy meal compared to going to the drive through and getting something unhealthy when you calculate the time necessary to get through a lineup of ten automobiles or ten people in the restaurant.

Below you’ll see a listing of ten foods that you should be eating and reasons why.

Healthy Food #1 – Beets

The very first thing on the list is beets. Yeah, I understand. I am not one for beets either, but if you pick up a fresh beet in the supermarket instead of the can you will be getting a better flavor in addition to a healthy food. The beet is like red spinach it offers you a fantastic source of folate and betaine. These are two nutrients that can help you lower your blood circulation and decrease your chance of cardiovascular disease. Sounds pretty good right?

Healthy Food 2 – Cabbage

Cabbage is another source of vitamins that are great and you do not just have to through it in a salad. You can put cabbage burgers, eat it in coleslaw, or perhaps Asian fashion cabbage on your next Chinese dinner dish. Cabbage is just 22 calories of food and contains so many vitamins, it is one of the reason people within an Asian or European diet are far fitter. You will find that cabbage includes sulforaphane, which helps enhance your immunity to breast cancer. There are lots of wholesome foods(orbsrestaurant.com) that can help us fight disease, so you might want to start eating a few.

Healthy Food #3 – Guava

Guava is not a remarkably popular fruit in some cultures, but it is among the greatest fruits to choose. Guava includes lycopene, which is an antioxidant that combats prostate cancer. You will find that tomatoes and watermelon have a number of the lycopene, however it is not as much as guava. Guava really has a sweeter flavor than other fruits. It is less acidic so it usually goes great. For those who can’t handle pineapple or oranges this is a fairly fantastic treat. It’s possible to eat the fruit make a juice, or possess a fruit bowl with bananas and other fruits that also offer you some great nutrients.

Healthy Food #4 – Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard isn’t a popular thing by any means, but again it is extremely healthy for you. Swiss Chard is a leafy green, and this can be found from the Mediterranean. You will realize that this particular plant contains lutein and zeaxanthin along with carotenoids that assist with your eyesight. The carotenoids help decrease the damage of aging to the retinas. This particular plant is good with steak or chicken after it has been steamed.

Healthy Food #5 – Cinnamon

Who does not love cinnamon? Surprisingly many of us don’t get enough cinnamon. You don’t have to have cinnamon in a cinnamon roll, but you can definitely add it to many recipes. It is a great way to help decrease your blood sugar and the risk of heart disease. You can just scatter it on oatmeal or perhaps on your java depending on what you enjoy most.

Healthy Food #6 – Purslane

Purslane is a vegetable discovered in Mexico, China, and Greece among other countries. It’s a broad leaved weed. You will locate this edible plant has more melatonin in it than other fruits and vegetables. This means you will have an antioxidant in your body that naturally reduces the probability of cancer. Most often this purslane is found among salads.

Healthy Food #7 – Pomegranate

Going back to juices for a moment you will find that the pomegranate juice is one of the most highly recommended juices to purchase. Everyone used to drink orange juicebut now it is pomegranate juice. The pomegranate juice modulates the body, by offering more energy as well as helping to reduce blood pressure. 4 oz of pomegranate juices provides 50 percent of your everyday vitamin C needs also.

Healthy Food #8 – Goji Berries

Goji Berries is another fantastic fruit that will assist you reduce the risk of disease; specifically you will reduce the odds of getting diabetes when you eat these berries. The Goji Berries are a medical food from Tibet. They have existed for at least 1700 decades. You’ll find they have an antioxidant which can help reduce diabetes since it gives a means to reduce insulin resistance. You can eat them as a juice, plain, or with yogurt.

Healthy Food #9 – Plums

Plums, particularly dried plums that are prunes are another nutritious supply of food. Prunes offer chlorogenic acid, and antioxidants that can decrease the risk of cancer. You’ll realize that prunes are also a great help in controlling the body in case you suffer from constipation. You can eat the prunes independently or scatter them within a prosciutto and back for a few minutes.

Healthy Food #10 – Pumpkin Seeds

The final thing on the list is that the pumpkin seeds. While we only think about pumpkin seeds throughout Halloween in the majority of cases you’ll discover that they are a terrific source of pure minerals our bodies need. They contain magnesium in addition to antioxidants. Pumpkin seeds can reduce the chance of cancer because they provide more oxygen into your cells and also there is less damage. They can usually be found close to the peanuts or almonds at a store.

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