About the Chef

Chef Steven Lara is a Los Angeles transplant with deep seeded roots in Latin American cuisine and culture. His love for all things food began at a young age watching his mother and grandmother cook tirelessly to prepare meals for their loved ones. After many years in the Los Angeles food scene Chef Lara and family decided to make the move to Rochester for a slower pace of life and the opportunity to bring his unique cooking style to the newly found Rochester restaurant scene.

He quickly moved his way into the hearts and stomachs of locals with his Latin food preparations as Chef of Dorado, The Daily Refresher and Ox and Stone. Now Chef Lara has found himself a home with The Orbs Family where he continues to bring new takes on classic American cuisine inspired by seasonality and using fresh ingredients produced locally.


Orbs is proud to operate a scratch kitchen that focuses on utilizing locally grown produce and proteins whenever possible. We believe people should know where their food is coming from and the impact each guests has on their region by supporting local farmers and vendors.

Orbs is proud to partner with the following local Farmers/Vendors:

  • First Light Creamery
  • Allens Hill Farm
  • Fair Game Foods
  • Headwater Food Hub
  • Lagoneer Farms
  • Autumns Harvest Farm
  • Williams Farm
  • Fraser Garlic Farm
  • Old Ridge Farm
  • Remembrance Farms
  • Thunder Mountain Foods
  • Interbrook Farm
  • CNY Honey Producer

Mission Statement

Gather around the table with family and friends, eat good food, tell stories, imbibe and laugh. We believe in making fresh food and drinks with the highest quality ingredients. We source seasonal, local and sustainable ingredients at every possible opportunity. We also believe in giving back by supporting our local economy and community. Come join us at our bar or table, become part of the family and share our love of hospitality.